Where to sled in Bormio

Where to go sledging in Bormio: here is one of our favourite secret spots, the Val di Rezzalo

We will reveal where we can make fun sledging with friends or with family, a stone’s throw from Bormio

Sledging in the snow is one of the kids’ favourite activities, but have you ever tried it yourself? Please don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s something exclusively suitable for the little ones, because you’d be wrong!

Suppose you want to discover a hidden place to sledge in Bormio and leave with your imagination to discover this wonderful wild pearl of Alta Valtellina. In that case, you are in the right place.

Welcome to the Val di Rezzalo, a valley still not very crowded a few kilometres from Bormio, just before Sondalo, and easily accessible in all seasons.

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However, Winter is the season in which I would like to tell you about it and recommend it. An itinerary that is little travelled but still safe and highly satisfying because it will make you immerse in a fairytale valley.

Leaving the car at the parking lot of Fumero, you start on a well-beaten road inside the forest. Within less than one-hour walking distance, you will arrive near the locality of San Bernardo.

Depending on the period and amount of snow, you can decide whether to face the route on foot, with snowshoes or mountaineering skis.

Regardless of how you decide to walk along the Val di Rezzalo, it will be nice to walk through the woods and gradually gain altitude until you reach San Bernardo. Along the way, you will come across well-kept huts that are still inhabited in Summer.

Once you arrive where the road becomes flatter, and the Val di Rezzalo opens, it feels like landing in a forgotten place, where time has stopped. The curtain opened on this majestic spectacle of nature, surrounded by rugged mountains, and it is as if you were taking a dip back in history.

With snow, especially if fresh and abundant, the show is guaranteed.

Here, there is also the possibility, upon reservation, to enjoy a hot dish or a typical dinner at the La Baita refuge: a characteristic mountain place, small and welcoming, where the owner will pamper you and tell anecdotes of this wild Valley of the Alta Valtellina, of which he is the caretaker.

Savour the silence, fill your ears with the sounds of nature, let yourself be lulled by the wind and admire the sky that here, especially at night and on full moon nights, is something that fills the heart.

Only after you have filled up with energy by deeply breathing the nature surrounding you, prepare yourself for the descent.

The climb was only the exploration leading to a fantastic adventure: the sledging from the La Baita refuge to the Fumero parking lot. It is one of the most authentic experiences that we recommend you to try.

You will feel the wind on your face, the screams of your fellow adventurers and the adrenaline rising: but don’t let yourself get too carried away. It’s nice to have fun on the sledge, but always in complete safety.

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If you are wondering where to go sledging in Bormio, the Val di Rezzalo is the answer. Here, in the seasons with abundant snow, you are guaranteed a fun activity for everyone.

We highly recommend at night, even better if on a full moon night: entering the woods with the moon reigning supreme in the sky is a regenerating and unforgettable experience. You can then book dinner at La Baita refuge and enjoy the typical flavours of Valtellina. Then, once the evening falls, start the descent with sledges you can rent there.

My family and I usually do it with friends. We find it an enjoyable experience, far from the super frequented places, which always gives you a pleasant sense of intimacy and sharing.

We also absolutely recommend the descent as a couple: sharing emotions and, and in some turns, even a pinch of fear with someone is always very pleasant.

Did you think sledging in Bormio wasn’t possible? If we were able to amaze you, we also hope to have given you a welcome suggestion for an experience to cherish tightly in the album of your dearest memories!

Photo: Giacomo Meneghello

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