Cross country skiing in Bormio

Cross country skiing in Bormio and its surroundings: a pleasant alternative to experience the snow

Discover here some little secrets that you perhaps did not know and the best places in Alta Valtellina to practice this beautiful sport


Often, in Winter, it is believed that alpine skiing is the only fun sport and that everything else is too tiring and boring. Here, however, we would like to bring our experience to allow you to discover a new, slower, but beautiful world.

Are you wondering where you can practice cross country skiing in Bormio and its surroundings? Here you will find all the information you need to organize your days in the snow.

Cross-country skiing, first of all, is one of the oldest winter disciplines. It appeared when skis were still used as a privileged means of transport in Winter, in snow-covered areas. We still see it like this: a tool to discover enchanted woods and places that, otherwise, with the abundant winter snowfall, would be unattainable.

Cross country skiing is an extremely playful and suitable way of experiencing snow for everyone.

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If you are a fanatic of alpine skiing and the snow is just an emotion downhill, we recommend trying it. First, put aside the idea that it’s just synonymous with fatigue: the commitment and physical effort will be proportionate with the pace you want to follow. We often go alone to train, especially at the cardiovascular level. Still, just as frequently, we choose it as a pleasant pastime with the whole family.

If you are a good skier, cross-country skiing will be an excellent opportunity to experience the snow a little more closely and at a slower pace.

Are you worried that you will miss the adrenaline peaks you have on the alpine ski slopes? Fear not! It will be a great challenge when you have to face the first descents or some small slope change: the shoe, much softer than the ski boot, will put your skills to the test, especially in terms of balance.

In short, for the most avid trackers, cross-country skiing is an excellent test to see the ability to adapt to all terrains. If it is done in a group or with children, it will be really fun, because there will be no shortage of laughter!

If, on the other hand, you’re not an avid mountain-goer or are not so confident with the snow yet, cross-country skiing can help! It provides the right opportunity to approach the winter area, even with small children and beginners. Even the most fearful will be able to take their first steps in complete safety, taking the time to feel at ease. It will be a pleasant discovery to venture into fairytale woods covered in snow, feel the air on your face, facing the first small descents. Enjoy the silence of nature or feel the flakes of light snowfall from the sky and gently lean to the ground.

Where to do cross country skiing in Bormio?

If you are wondering where to do cross-country skiing in Bormio, here are the slopes that we recommend!

In years with a lot of snow, there is the cross-country track in Bormio, convenient and easily accessible. It is located at the start of the cable car. It develops along the Alù plain with a length varying according to the snow.

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If, however, you want to fall in love with this sport, our advice is to visit the cross country ski slope in Santa Caterina Valfurva. A captivating circuit delves into the woods in this typical mountain village, offering different routes suitable for everyone from beginners to agonists.

The little ones and beginners will be able to take their first steps at the school camp, carefully prepared by the Fondo Valtellina Ski Centre’s cross-country ski instructors. We advise you to start with a lesson: the teachers are outstanding and professional and will give you small tips that will help you to learn faster.

If you have children with you, take into account that during the school holidays, group courses are organized, where children from 3/4 years old can take their first steps in the snow with their peers.

There’s nothing better to start gliding than cross-country skiing. It is also a preparatory activity for alpine skiing, which can be very easily approached later on.

As mothers, we can honestly say that you will be amazed by these teachers’ skill. It is a memorable experience for children, confirmed by the joy with which your little ones will return after the collective course. The people who teach at the Ski Centre know well what they are doing and often organise entertaining treasure hunts in the woods. Or there’s always the chance to see some small animal and a lovely hot tea before saying goodbye.

Instead, to those who stay in the Valdidentro area, we certainly recommend a visit to the Viola track, with the possibility to contact the local school.

Finally, for those who want to venture into unknown places and enchanted valleys, keep in mind that in Val Viola, an easy cross-country trail is used for hiking lovers. Attention: since there are no rentals and schools nearby, we recommend arriving already well equipped and with some preparation. From Arnoga, you can enter the Valley and then end the trip with a tasty lunch at the Caricc Farmhouse.

Photo credit: Scuola sci di Fondo Santa Caterina Valfurva

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