What to visit in Bormio: unmissable spots in the old town

Unmissable spots in the old town of Bormio

Iconic views, art and panoramas of one of the most beautiful towns in the Alps

Maybe not everyone knows that in Bormio it is possible to explore and discover a old town with ancient roots, in addition to practicing sports and outdoor activities.

The territory of Bormio was in fact mentioned already in Roman times by Pliny the Elder, who praised its thermal waters, which were so healing. Among the best moments in the history of our town, we can also mention the 14th and 15th centuries, an era of great autonomy, with both commercial and cultural development: the signs of which can still be seen in the buildings and historic streets. In fact, Bormio was at the center of an important communication and exchange route between northern and southern Europe, which made it the scene of passages and meetings between different cultures.

Bormio, not only sport but also culture!

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The old town of Bormio is one of the most evocative and beautiful in the Alps. In a day it is possible to walk through alleys and streets to discover views, landscapes, churches, palaces which still tell us of a history full of events. Here is our short guide on 7 things not to miss on your walk in Bormio.


Bormio has a beating heart which is Piazza Cavour, also better known as Piazza del Kuerc, due to the central structure, which resembles a lid, precisely “kuerc” in Bormio dialect. This space now hosts various events, especially in summer, but in the past it was the place responsible for the administration of justice in the county.
Next to it stands the civic tower of medieval origin, with an important frescoed clock. It is an evidence of the 31 towers of Bormio, built to defend the territory, but then destroyed in 1376.
From the tower the Bajona still rings, the ancient bell that gathered the citizens in the square and which today is rung during the traditional Easter celebrations.
Monte Reit, on the background of the square, is a perfect frame of this place, making the view of your aperitif unique.


Starting from Piazza Cavour it is possible, in a few minutes, to admire the panorama of Bormio from above.
Be careful, this walk is short but uphill. Just enter the streets of the Dossorovina department, one of the oldest in Bormio, to take Via Castello, you can then continue on the path to reach the ruins of the Castle of San Pietro, of which a ruined tower remains, called “gesa rota”. From this place which was a lookout and control of the territory in the past, you can admire a view over the whole Bormio and the surrounding valleys. Ideal point for a walk at sunset to take some souvenir photos.


An artistic and architectural gem, this church is located in Via de Simoni, in the old town of Bormio.
Inaugurated in 1674 on commission from the Jesuit community, the church has an octagonal plan and is richly decorated with baroque frescoes and precious marbles. Often chosen for celebrations and weddings, it is possible to visit it freely or with a guide, during tours dedicated to the historic center.


One of the most appreciated and photographed views of Bormio is the Combo bridge, a construction dating back to 1300, composed of a single humpback arch, which passes over the Frodolfo stream. From here it is possible to admire the panorama of Valfurva: a valley adjacent to Bormio, where the Gavia Pass is located, from which trade from the Republic of Venice arrived, which therefore had to pass the Combo bridge to access the town.

We recommend crossing the bridge for a walk in the department of Combo, where you can visit the Church of S. Crocifisso or Sant’Antonio, inaugurated in 1376. The structure has a single nave and a ceiling decorated with the recurring starry sky motif in the Middle Ages. Inside, a chapel houses the S. Crucifix, a thaumaturgical relic much venerated in Bormio, whose origin is still shrouded in a veil of mystery.

To discover other curiosities and events about the history of Bormio, we recommend a visit to the civic museum, housed in Palazzo de Simoni. Here it is possible to see the typical wooden “stue”, traditional and ancient rooms, as well as various objects and furnishings from the past.

Finally, to discover all the beauties of Bormio, even the hidden ones, we recommend you follow the summer events calendar. In fact, every year various cultural, traditional and food and wine events are organized in the old town of Bormio. For the occasion, the ancient and beautiful private courts are open to the public.

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